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Respiratory system

Let's study the respiratory system in an integrated way!

Fractioned study into disciplines makes it difficult to fully understand one of the most important organic systems in the human body.  

That's why I offer you the opportunity to study the respiratory system in a different way!

  1. Recorded Lessons and Live Streams

  2. We will study only 01 theme per week so that you have time to do exercises, ask questions and review.

  3. Resolution of questionnaires.

  4. Discussion of scientific articles.

  5. Case studies.


We will study anatomy, physiology, biophysics,  pharmacology and pathology of the respiratory system in a way  fully integrated!


30 hour workload

Learning Environment

individual classroom

conference system 

Duration of the course

The student will have access to the course for 120 days


Direct contact with the teacher through whatsapp, chat and live broadcasts.

You can request cancellation for any reason and will receive the full amount paid.

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