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#limited spaces

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  • Individualized service

  • Specific approach to the problems/challenges you have been facing

  • school semester planning

  • Optimization in time management

  • Improved communication with students

  • Development of digital skills

  • Planning of practical classes

  • Application of active methodologies

  • Improved test preparation

   #limited spaces

Você faz a matrícula e ganha dois presentes

  • 01 class on the production of teaching materials with the platform perform

  • 01 lecture on health-related topics for one of your classes

Dynamics of mentoring


  1. If you do a search, you'll find ads for mentoring that boils down to classes on general topics or sets of video lessons.

  2. But with me you will have the opportunity to hire a different service. I don't want to be talking to you about general aspects of  teaching methodologies.

  3. I want to look at the problems you face and help you solve them so that you improve your teaching practice, providing your students with meaningful learning.

  4. Remember that, in addition to our meetings, I will make many materials available to you and we will have a direct communication channel.

  5. We have plans that fit your pocket and time perfectly.

   #limited spaces


​01 reunião - R$ 80,00

02 reuniões - R$ 140,00

03 reuniões - R$ 180,00

04 reuniões - R$ 200,00 ​

O investimento varia de acordo com a quantidade de reuniões que você precisa. Quanto mais reuniões, mais vantajoso fica!


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