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The basic disciplines in the health area are not valued by most university students

The result of this is the training of health professionals who will perform many procedures without knowing why. They will be technicians with higher education degrees. That's why I invite you to learn (TRULY) the basics for any profession in the health field.

Professor que ajuda um estudante
  1. Choose the discipline and contact me now to report what you need, what are your available hours, etc.

  2. I will structure specific classes and activities according to your needs.

  3. You will have the right to a profile/account here on our platform and on it you will see all the materials used, you can chat directly with me and other students.

  4. Materials, including activities, will be made available in advance in order to reserve class time just to answer questions, debates and theory presentation.

  5. We will analyze scientific articles.

  6. We will use contest questions.

  7. We will discuss clinical cases.

  8. We will debate about films/documentaries.

  9. We will study Laws and technical standards, when this has some relationship with the topics of the classes.

  10. You will be entitled to a certificate with a workload corresponding to the plan you have contracted.

Where will our in-person classes take place?



How can the genetic code control our characteristics?



15 day warranty

Direct contact with the teacher

#limited spaces

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