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Development of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

What must be done before the medicine arrives at the pharmacies?

I offer you the chance to get to know the processes that are performed during the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. Understand why it is necessary to follow strict protocols before approving new drugs.

  1. will be 07  live classes (Saturdays from 9am  at 12:00).

  2. Resolution of questionnaires (at different times from those intended for classes).

  3. Discussion of scientific articles.

  4. Case studies.

  1. Inflammation

  2. Inflammatory mediators

  3. Mechanism of action of anti-inflammatory drugs

4. Legislation and the role of ANVISA

5. In vitro tests

6. In vivo tests

7. Clinical trial


35 hours workload

Learning Environment

individual classroom

conference system 

Duration of the course

The student will have access to the course for 120 days


Direct contact with the teacher through whatsapp, chat and live broadcasts.

You can request cancellation for any reason and will receive the full amount paid.

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