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Applied Biochemistry

Formatted course for nutrition and physical education students

Biochemistry is an extremely important science for all healthcare professionals. But unfortunately, we need to understand that there are different applications of knowledge related to biochemistry. 

The Applied Biochemistry course aims to provide learning about what really matters for the performance of nutritionists and physical education professionals

  • Live classes (Classes will be recorded).

  • We will study only 01 theme per week so that the student has time to do exercises, ask questions and review.

  • Resolution of questionnaires.

  • Discussion of scientific articles.

  • case studies

  1. Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system

  2. Carbohydrates (synthesis and degradation)

  3. Proteins (synthesis and degradation)

  4. Lipids (synthesis and degradation)

5. Vitamins

6. Interaction of nutrients with drugs

7. Diabetes (pathology and genetics)

8. Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome


35 hours workload

Learning Environment

individual classroom

conference system 

Duration of the course

The student will have access to the course for 120 days


Direct contact with the teacher through whatsapp, chat and live broadcasts.

You can request cancellation for any reason and will receive the full amount paid.

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