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Learn to choose a master's degree!

The city where you live, the time available, your financial conditions, the current scenario of the job market, whether you want to pursue an academic career, whether you want to be an entrepreneur… these are just some of the factors you need to analyze before choosing the graduate course.

With our mentoring you will go beyond choosing a master's degree. I offer you an advice that will include:

♦ Analysis of graduate programs  

  Analysis of possible advisors

  Guidelines for testing specific content

♦ Guidelines for project preparation

♦ Tips for preparing the Lattes Curriculum

♦ Guidelines for interview and project presentation

♦ Tips for the proficiency exam (foreign language)



30 days of orientation

Do you know how a master's degree has impacted your professional career?

See what the market
of work has demonstrated



On the internet you will find many websites that offer free information on choosing a graduate course. But it's simple information  that do not take into account your needs in terms of financial situation, city where you live, time availability and so on. I want to help you understand the details of the selection process and maximize your chances of approval.


Here you will make an investment to have a personalized orientation that will take into account your time availability, strengths and weaknesses.

The price is R$400.00

Promotional value R$ 200.00 

#limited spaces

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