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Applied science

The development of technology and public health problems have caused the discoveries of science to be disseminated. In recent years the news  scientific information began to be disseminated in a more common way. Today, you will hardly turn on the TV, see a social network, read a newspaper or a magazine without coming across scientific news.  

On the other hand, in an attempt to simplify scientific information, the vehicles of  information and marketers often make mistakes in editing messages and end up misleading the consumer of the content. This is serious, after all, in addition to harming the population's education, the brand/company may have associated with the dissemination of fake news.

But now you, who need to disseminate scientific information, can count on mine to produce and edit the material. In addition, I am at your disposal to act as a scientific consultant.


Laboratório de ciências

I have experience with biomedical research in the area of genetics, pharmacology and immunology

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